Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fear of a Milagahn Planet! Pt.2-Video from our trip to the ACLU Checkpoint Forum

By: That Super O'odham 2012
video provided by: Frankie Mumbles
June 19,2009

Here's the footage from our day in Green Valley.

We were in the middle of the lion's den when we showed up, and did not know what to expect. Before we spoke, this woman decided to express her concerns of "Al-Qaeda", "MS 13" and other anti-immigrant rheotic. Which other wise, would have been unchecked, if not for the presents of the O'odham Solidarity Across Borders Collective and Phoenix Class War Council.

Green Valley, AZ citizen expresses typical, fear mongering
statement about the border.

As our analysis below states, our collective decided to share what the border means to us, as O'odham. We did not know how the community was going to react, but decided to confront the issue head on. Note, that the pro-checkpoint/border supporter who was holding a banner in the blog below, walks out at the 3:38 mark in the video below.

We put the debate in perspective by stating our history to the
land, and put the pro-border ideologues in check.

These videos show the possibilities of where the Border Debate can go, once the indigenous point of view is heard. It shows how out of touch most "American" citizens are with the facts of history. We as indigenous people represent something that every pro-border, anti-immigrant, racist soul (if its still there) fears and hates.

The truth...

We represent the biggest threat to their way of life.

The O'odham, the Yaqui, the Lipan Apache, the Kickapoo, the Mohawk and all first nations of this hemisphere...

Our proud existence sheds the truth to their setter mythology of the Americas.

Thats why the Collective, and PCWC, see the importance of attacking this heated issue (Border/Immigration)from the stance we described in our analysis below.

This is a stance that we would love to investigate in any future confrontation against all pro-border/anti-immigrant ideologues that claim that they are being "invaded"...

So who's down to explore the possibilities with us?



  1. word..good job guyz.There are some Mex that have been taking the same Indigenous/Native stance as you have in this video albeit we are not many.

  2. great, uhh ya.
    Well I will state that I am Odham from the border area. Untold generations living in our history. Our Traditional Lands.
    Not one inch of land have we EVER ceded to the racist mexicans, genocidal colonialists.
    You guys try, and that should count for something.
    If you would like to dialogue. here is good. Q's?

    O'odham Power.

  3. looking forward to more posts...

  4. well no dialogue brothers?? whats up..

  5. What kind of dialogue are you asking from them? Just asking.

  6. maybe he means oh, maybe, like, yknow, how the mexicans stole all the O'odham lands and somehow now claim that they have a "right" to cross into "their homeland"? for starters i mean.

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